NeroQom Temporary Protection Shoot’N’Protect 10L

NeroQom Temporary Protection Shoot’N’Protect 10L


+ Technical Information

NeroQom Shoot’N’Protect protects non-porous surfaces such as glass, PVC, aluminium, … against damages that can occur during construction (paint splatters, sparks of grinding discs, cement and plaster, …).

NeroQom Shoot’N’Protect is water-based, odourless, environmentally friendly and a ready to use liquid. This liquid can be rolled and sprayed with airless spraying equipment, dries quickly into a peel-able, semi-transparent and flexible film.

NeroQom Shoot‘N’Protect film is semi-transparent, flexible and strong, suitable for indoor & outdoor protection. This peel-off protection film can be easily removed.

1 NeroQom Shoot’N’Protect weights 10 Kilo.
€14,95 / Kilo.

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