MOTTO BLANC Woodena Care 5 L

MOTTO BLANC Woodena Care 5 L


Wooden Floor Cleaner

It’s a pleasant-smelling floor cleaning product which protects the brightness of the floor finish and providing an ideal cleaning effect. It is used for cleaning and caring purposes on wooden floor finishes such as laminated. They form a bright film layer on the floors thanks to shining components in its content. WOODENA CARE may be used in applications to be made through spraying method in daily cleanings made by humid and wet cleaning method.

Instruction Manual

Manuel Mopping: 1 tea glass of product to 10 Lt of water (50 ml – 100 ml)
Mechanical Usage: A  tea glass of half of product to 10 Lt of water (25 ml – 50 ml)
Spraying: A tea glass of half  of product is put into empty bottle of glass cleaner (25 ml – 50 ml)

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