BUFF Windproof Balaclava 5pc

BUFF Windproof Balaclava 5pc


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Comfortable and windproof balaclava, made of 100% Windstopper® fabric that offers an optimal protection to the entire head from cold and windy conditions and in extreme cold environments like vertical woks or static tasks.


  • A technical and windproof balaclava made of 100% Windstopper® fabric featuring a soft fleece lining that covers the entire head.
  • Ergonomic balaclava to fit your face.
  • Comfort seams with Ultrasonic that joins fabrics by heat fusion, what creates a garment with an optimal fit and preventing skin irritations.
  • Small laser perforations around the ear area to aid hearing.
  • Laser hole over the nose and small laser perforations around the mouth for easy breathing, avoid humidity and reduce goggle fog.
  • 100% Polyester.

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