MOTTO BLANC Motto Tyre 20 L

MOTTO BLANC Motto Tyre 20 L


Tyre Track Remover Suitable for Use in Automatic Scrubber

Motto Tyre is a solvent-based cleaner designed for removing the tyre tracks and tyre remnants caused by forklift truck and similar vehicles on the industrial floors.

Thanks to high cleaning effect, Motto tyre is safe for use in very contaminated industrial areas and warehouses. Motto Tyre is an easy-to-apply product with less odor. Suitable for use on solvent-resistant floor finishes such as industrial floors concrete, epoxy resin, magnesite screed floors and floors with kiln-dried bricks.

Instruction Manual

According to level of contamination , in every application;
High Pressure Cleaning Machine: 1 lt / 10 lt water
Manual Cleaning: 50 – 100 ml / 10 lt water
Mechanical Cleaning: 1 lt / 10 lt water
Dosage of use should be increased in case of high contamination  (2-3 lt of product to 10 lt of water)
Performed surface should be rinsed with plenty of water, foam inhibitor should be added into automatic scrubber.

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