MOTTO BLANC Motto Mat 20 L

MOTTO BLANC Motto Mat 20 L


Dirt And Oil Remover

An industrial dirt and oil  remover which is suitable for using of automatic scrubbers.
It is an alkali, high concentrated with adjusted foam product which is effective on cleaning of heavy dirt and oil in industrial areas  with its high cleaning performance. It does not contain perfume.

Instruction Manual 

Considering the level of contamination for all applications:
High Pressure Cleaning Machine: 50 – 100 ml / 10 Lt Water
Cleaning With Automatic Scrubber: 50 – 100 ml / 10 Lt water

Dosage of usage should be increased in high contamination, (2-3 lt of production to 10 lt of water)
The applied surface should be rinsed with plenty of water, the foam inhibitor should be added into the automatic scrubber.

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