MOTTO BLANC Motto Floor 1 L

MOTTO BLANC Motto Floor 1 L


Daily Floor Cleaning and Finishing Care Material

It is a floor cleaning product suitable for daily cleaning and care of all water-proof polished or unpolished floors.
It is used in simple cleaning applications to be made by daily mop and equipment for all floor finishing such as PVC, linoleum, rubber, marble etc.  It features care on finishing thanks to polymers in it.  It does not form layer and residual.  It has a refreshing odor.  You may perform a correct dosing by attaching dosage head (20 ml) apparatus to the mouth of product bottle.

Instruction Manual

The production is only used in mop bucket or daily floor cleaning with machine.
Mopping: 100-150 ml of product is put into 10 lt of water-filled mop bucket.
Mechanical Cleaning: 50 ml of product to10 lt of water is put into automatic scrubber.
Spraying: 20 ml of product is put into empty glass cleaner bottle.
Cleaning With High-Speed Floor Polishing Machine: At the rate of 20-40 ml of product is put into empty trigger by diluting and sprayed to surface.

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