MOTTO BLANC Sanox Max 10 L

MOTTO BLANC Sanox Max 10 L


Bath and Toilet Cleaning Product for Lavatory, Armatures – Fruit Acid and Apple Odor

SANOX MAX cleans and cares acid-resistant surfaces and flooring on sanitary areas (wc, bath, shower areas).  By protecting material, it cleans limes, oil dirts, urea stones hygienically strongly and rapidly and used especially on the fountains, lavatories, shower cabin, bath tubs,water-closet and its surrounding, acid-resistant ceramic floors and wall-floor-joints.  With its elegant nice perfume, it can be used problem-free in very hot sanitary areas, for example in nursing home, hospitals, indoor swimming pools.

SANOX MAX does not contain dye admixtures, therefore does not leave dye residuals on the materials with open pores.  It carries red color code in order to avoid confusions.  It must not be on materials such as marble, artificial stone and acid-sensitive materials.  You may perform a correct dosing by attaching dosage head (20 ml) apparatus to the mouth of product bottle.

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