MOTTO BLANC Motto Grub 20 L

MOTTO BLANC Motto Grub 20 L


Heavy Dirt And Oil Removing Finish

It is a high performance production that is used for cleaning of heavy dirts and removing finishes.

Suitable for all surfaces of resistant to water and alkali except linoleum and wooden surfaces. Removes the damaged finishes that must be taken out, and makes the surfaces prepared to finish again. Thanks to its powerful formula it removes easily the finishes that were settled on heavy dirty and oily floors Information provided by floor finishing producers in terms of application methods must be taken into account of.

Amount of use

In removing finish, 2-3 kg of product is put into 10 lt of water , the product is waited about 15-30 minutes on the floor and the floor is scrubbed by means of a pad which is connected under the finishing machine. In case of increasing the amount of production , foam inhibitor should be added into automatic scrubber.

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Weight 20 kg