MOTTO BLANC Motto Compact 20 L

MOTTO BLANC Motto Compact 20 L


Dirt oil, finish remover and tyre stain remover for delicate surfaces

A dirt and finish remover that is used for  the sensitive surfaces and floor covering. It is a professional product that provides  cleaning deeply for dirts and oils settled on the floor. Removes damaged finish which must be taken  out, and conditions the floor for new finish application.

Amount of use

For removing finish, 2-3 kg of production is added into 10 lt of water and waited on floor about 15-30 minutes. The floor is scrubbed  with pad which is connected under cla machine. It must  be rinsed with plenty of water after drawing. In a daily dirt cleaning , 50-100 ml of product is put into 10 ml of water, after the end of this kind of application , it is not necessary to rinse . In case of increasing concentration of product, foam inhibitor should be put into automatic scrubber.

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Weight 20 kg