MOTTO BLANC Glow Rinse 20 L

MOTTO BLANC Glow Rinse 20 L


Rinsing Material for Industrial Dishwashers – Middle Hard Waters

Removes the detergent residual in dishwashers and provides rinsing. Creates brightness in materials such as porcelain, glass, stainless steel. It improves the rinsing effectiveness of the dishes washed and ensures rapid drying of the dishes without causing stains and scratches. Effective at medium water hardness. It is without perfume and does not leave odor. It is recommended with use dosage pump assembly attached to industrial dishwashers.

Instruction Manual

The product is put into rinse dispenser part with dosing pump system. The temperature of rinse water in dishwasher for porcelain and white ware should be at 80-85 °C , glass at 70-75 °C. The cleaned dishes are waited for a while should not be used  cloth to dry.
According to Water Hardness: lt should be dosed to 0.3gr/lt – 0.7gr/lt.
pH Level: 3

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