MOTTO BLANC Glow Matic 20 L

MOTTO BLANC Glow Matic 20 L


Liquid Main Washing Material For Industrial Dishwashers – For Medium Hard Waters 

Removes frozen oils and dirts on plates, cups and other materials, and ensures hygiene. Prevents odor formation on the dishes.
Suitable for metals such as stainless steel, glass, porcelain, fork, cutlery, trays.

Effective at medium water hardness.  Prevents lime accumulation on machines.  It is recommended with use dosage pump assembly attached to industrial dishwashers.

Instruction Manual

Product is put into dishwasher with automatic dosing pumps system. Dosing must not be applied by hand. Wash water temperature must be 60-65 °C for porcelain and metal set, for glasses 50-55 °C in dishwasher. Dishes, which are put into dishwasher, must be purified from dirt. Dishes, which were out of dishwasher, must be left to dry, must not be dried with cloth. GLOW RINSE should be used with rinse aid.

It is recommend that purification is used when German water hardness is higher than 14°dH
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