MOTTO BLANC Glow Linex 10 L

MOTTO BLANC Glow Linex 10 L


Liquid Drain Unclogger

A liquid product used for unclogging the drain pipes of bathroom, wc, kitchen sinks.
It does not emit smoke and unpleasant steam during the application. It easily melts unclogging inside the pipe without damaging the installations (pvc, plastic etc).

Consumer Instruction

Filter on choked pipe or similar materials are removed. 1 glass of product is poured into drain then, 1 glass of hot water is added. For the bigger drains, 2-3 times more amount of product is used and after 30 minutes the drain is checked by adding cold water whether it is open. In case of contamination, the application is repeated.

pH Level: 14
≤ %30 Sodium Hydroxide

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