MOTTO BLANC Glow Ice Off 10 L

MOTTO BLANC Glow Ice Off 10 L


Cool Air and Deep Freeze Cleaner

Glow ice off is also used for during operation and removes the fat, oil and label stains in the cool air storage. It is not necessary to carry the foodstuffs out of the room, or melt the ices of the room or disrupt the cooling chain. It may be used at temperatures down up to -25 °C. Since it does not foam that much, product can be used in rotating head machinery or spraying method.  It is not necessary to use explosive-protected machinery. The surfaces dry rapidly after cleaning and gain a smooth appearance.

Glow ice off is a product certified for use in the food preparation zones. Pour the Thorough Cleaning Product without diluting and wait to see its effect for 10-15 mins after spreading it with the help of a mop. Run with rotating head machine and rub with a suitable cloth.  Vacuum the surface with wet vacuum cleaner.  Use water vacuum and dry with a mop for hard-to -reach zones. After cleaning, eliminate the residual product on the floor completely. For cleaning of the floor surfaces of the walls, wait to see its effect for some minutes by using the product in a spray bottle and after applying it by wiping.  If necessary, wipe with a soft cloth not scratching, dry with a dry cloth piece.

Instruction Manual 

Product is poured on floor without dilution and after spreading to surface, waited for 10-15 minutes with the aim of mop. After that it is scrubbed with a convenient cloth or turret-type machine. Floor is vacuumed with wet vacuum.

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