MOTTO BLANC Glow Dip Plus 5 L

MOTTO BLANC Glow Dip Plus 5 L


Starch and Stain Remover Liquid Pre-dipping Substance

A product used for pre-dipping operation in order to remove the dried starch residuals on dishes, porcelain, glass, plastic and stainless steel equipment as well as coffee, tea stains on the cups and mugs.  Thanks to chloride in its content, it has hygienic effect, in addition stain removing. It is recommended to use before the washing to be made in dishwasher.

Instruction Manual

The production using for removing dried tea, coffee, and starch residuals settled on dishes with pre-dipping process before putting into dishwasher, is waited in solution in containing water at 40-50 ºC for 15-20 minutes. After that it is cleaned or rinsed with plenty of water.
pH Level: 13

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